Porto Culture

View points in Porto

Porto is a very photogenic city, full of perfect spots to take the best pictures. One of the most famous is the view point from Clérigos Tower, though you'll have to climb around 300 steps it's worth it. Other view points you can find are perfectly embedded in the mesh of the city, some of them in locations that will surprise you: the yard of the Cathedral, the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, the Virtudes Sidewalk, the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal and the Tait House, all of them with a privileged view to the river landscape. 
Our Hotel has amazing gardens there you can enjoy a great view to the historical Center. 

Our Gastronomy, Restaurants and Tascas

You will have plenty of opportunities to understand why the North of Portugal and Porto in particular, are worldly famous as places where you can eat a lot and well. Whether you choose exclusive restaurants or small taverns, you will find variety, quality and a few surprises. Be sure to try the typical dishes such as Tripas à moda do Porto (it is on account of this dish that Porto citizens are called tripeiros) and the Francesinha, which has everything to be a simple snack, but you will find it to be much more than that. You can try a delicous one just next to our Hotel, in Páteo das Flores.
Be amazed with Portuguese wine lists, particularly those who depart from Porto to the rest of the world: the renowned Douro wines. Also at Páteo das Flores you can try more than 100 national wines. Cheers!

The Historical Center Heritage

When roaming through the city you will find many buildings and monuments perpetuating the history of the city and its golden ages, from medieval times, through the Baroque era, until it turned into the cosmopolitan metropolis that prides itself on what it is today. Some of the most striking momuments are the Porto's Cathedral (Sé), at the top of the hill where the medieval borough started to grow, or the Tower of Clérigos, by architect Nicolou Nazoni, which is one of the best examples of the height of the Baroque period. Be sure to also visit the S. Bento Railway Station and the Stock Exchange Palace.

Discover our Cultural Venues

Porto hosts an intense and varied artistic life, largely due to the quality of two of its major cultural facilities. One of them is Serralves Museum, whose author is the renowned architect Siza Vieira, and which has a program of international dimension in the branch of contemporary art. The other one is Casa da Música, commissioned to Rem Koolhaas to be one of the stages for the European Capital of Culture in 2001. Buildings which, by themselves alone, are worth a visit. In the photography area (in Largo Amor de Perdição), make sure you visit the former Gaol and Court of Appeal, where nowadays you can find the Portuguese Center of Photography.

World Class Architecture

The river side is one of the most picturesque areas of the city, from which you can perceive the closeness that Porto has with its river. It won't be hard for you to notice how much the city still pulsates and lives here, in a space that integrates an area classified as World Heritage. The houses, designing an intricate and colorful urban mesh. The clothes drying on the clothesline, adding even more tones to this varied palette. The vast range of bars, terraces and traditional trade-based craft products. Elements which render this area of the city the perfect place for a stopover allowing you to contemplate the hustle and bustle of the river and the iconic bridges.

Port Wine Cellars

The greatest ambassador of Porto has several doors opened to you on the left side of the Douro river. The famous nectar is produced on the banks of this same river, a few hundred miles upwards. You can begin a real journey of the senses by its end by visiting the companies that produce it, getting to know the techniques, learning its history and traditions. And of course, apart of taking all the Porto wine tastings, don't forget to admire the Rabelo boats which, for decades, brought the barrels of Porto Wine downriver. Be thrilled by the scenery which is the best postcard of the city.

Sightseeing Tours

In Porto there are several possibilities to get to know the city, in particular by Bus, by the historic Electric or by Tram. Several circuits are available so that you may have the greatest possible coverage of the city and you have total freedom to visit the various points of interest in each route. Timetables are extensive and easily accessible, through the various Tourism offices

Nightlife: Cafes, Bars & Clubs

Porto has always been a town of cafes. Enjoy places like Páteo das Flores, Majestic, Guarany or others less impressive to the sight but equally stage to passionate conversations and intense gatherings. Porto is also a city of bars and clubs, where the act of having a drink or dancing gets along well with those who prefer just to stroll among the small crowd that gathers in the area of Galerias de Paris. There you will find bars to suit every taste and many of them don't even charge entrance fees. Choose the ambience that most suits you.